Access CISO services on demand.

As part of our advisory services the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)-as-a-Service provides on-demand access to the capabilities required to respond to the threats of today and plan for those of tomorrow. For some organisations hiring a CISO is simply cost prohibitive, and for others attracting and retaining the right talent is challenging. Either way, the impact of a cyber-attack or data breach can still be significant.

Cynergy Advisor

Key Benefits

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Access – to the right security capabilities, at the right time

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Lower Cost – pay only for the support required

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Address Market Demand – access the capabilities quickly, reducing the time and cost of attracting and retaining talent

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Improve Maturity – deliver effective improvements to security posture through a breadth of experience

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Existing Capability – leverage current investment in expertise and technology to enhance security

Often what is required is simply access to the right capabilities at the right time, for example;

  • Defining an information security strategy and implementation roadmap
  • Periodic reviews of potential threats, risks, and effectiveness of associated controls
  • Defining and delivering an annual awareness campaign
  • During security events (to work alongside an incident response framework)
  • Periodic board reporting and education


Whilst some organisations may have strong technical capabilities but lack board engagement, others may require an increased focus on understanding their threat landscape or on developing technical standards.


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Strategy – align business, information, and cyber risk strategy, innovate, and define roadmap. Manage risk through targeted investments

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Threat Management – understand the threat landscape, identify critical assets and manage the effectiveness of cyber risk treatment

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Educate, Advise, and Influence – activities across the business, ensuring cyber risks are understood and managed effectively

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Technology – define and embed security standards. Assess and implement security technologies to develop capabilities

During the on-boarding process your business strategy, regulatory and threat landscape and existing structures and capabilities are reviewed, to ensure the resulting service is tailored to your specific needs and delivers relevant business benefit by integrating with your existing capabilities.


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