How Do You Gain Visibility in the Cloud?

Technology is changing fast! From traditional data centres to public and private clouds, the game is evolving.

Join the conversation with us and Imperva to discover why visibility has gotten trickier.

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Securing APIs in the Digital Transformation Era: Evolving Risks and Safeguards

In the dynamic shift toward a digital-age economy, APIs are no longer just about web applications chatting; they represent a complex world of delivering and consuming services.

Join the conversation with us and Imperva and learn about the crucial role APIs play. 

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Understanding & Addressing Customer Pain Points in API Security

Ever launched a digital platform successfully but suddenly felt the need to catch up on security and visibility? Many organisations are in the same boat, facing challenges with API management.

Join the conversation with us and Imperva in exploring the common pitfalls and complexities organisations encounter.

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Use Case - Enhancing API Security Through Application Visibility

How can you swiftly address mysterious application slowdowns?

Join the conversation with us and Imperva on the journey of a CISO facing that exact challenge.

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Use Case - Navigating On-Premise to Cloud Migration

Ever struggled with old systems slowing things down? Imagine dealing with physical servers and complicated web changes.

Join the conversation with us and Imperva on an organisations' journey from old firewalls to new cloud technology. 

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