Threat intelligence can help organisations gain valuable knowledge about these threats, build effective defense mechanisms and mitigate the risks that could damage their bottom line and reputation. After all, targeted threats require targeted defense, and cyber threat intelligence delivers the capability to defend more proactively.

Why you might need this service

Threat intelligence solutions gather raw data about emerging or existing threat actors and threats from a number of sources. This data is then analysed and filtered to produce threat intel feeds and management reports that contain information that can be used by automated security control solutions. The primary purpose of this type of security is to keep organisations informed of the risks of advanced persistent threats, zero-day threats and exploits, and how to protect against them.

Key Benefits

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Ensure you stay up to date with the often overwhelming volume of threats, including methods, vulnerabilities, targets and bad actors

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Help you become more proctive about future cybersecurity threats

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Keep leaders, stakeholders and users informed about the latest threats and repercussions they could have on the business

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