People Matter

Security Resilience & Innovation


Topic: Strong security behaviours are a life skill – learnings from a social engineer

Watch this thought-provoking webinar in collaboration with with Cyber Risk Aware and Oxford Cyber Academy for this instalment of their People Matter webinar series where social engineer, hacker and storyteller, James Linton uses his experiences in socially engineering business leaders and global institutions to share the lessons he believes we all need to learn. 

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Why we’re all vulnerable – whether we sit in the boardroom or work on the frontline
  • How attackers understand and accentuate our greatest vulnerabilities
  • How we can start small and all start making a difference

Who should watch: 



James Linton – Social Engineer | Gemma Townsend – Cyber Security Programme Manager – Blue Cube Security

Keynote speakers:

Nick Wilding – Chief Innovation Officer – Cyber Risk Aware | Richard Knowlton – Director of Security Studies – Oxford Cyber Academy



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